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In vitro ADME and PK

ADME and Pharmacokinetic Services

Our in vitro ADME and DMPK services include in vitro metabolism, in vitro permeability and transporters, solubility and physicochemical properties, in vitro protein binding and PK and bioanalysis


  • Highly reproducible, accurate data - validated and used by over 900 clients from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical, tobacco, cosmetics, health care companies and academic and government organizations.
  • Delivery of data for core in vitro ADME screening and physicochemical assays is within 10 working days to fit in with the make-test timelines in drug discovery. A number of different reporting options are available.
  • Highly cost effective due to our emphasis on high throughput engineering for key in vitro screening assays.
  • Attention to good quality customer care, with highly trained Principal Scientists on hand to explain results and suggest the most appropriate experimental strategy.
  • Flexibility - studies can be tailored to our customers’ specific requirements.
  • Regulations - our ADME services maintain and comply with regulatory guidelines providing constant confidence in the data.


Our facility has passed evaluations by a range of different organizations and companies from a variety of differing industries, including government agencies: All now routinely use our services to provide support to their programs.


 ADME and PK Services

In vitro metabolism
cytochrome P450 and UGT reaction phenotyping
cytochrome P450 induction
cytochrome P450 inhibition
cytochrome P450 Ki
hepatocyte stability
metabolite profiling and identification
microsomal binding
microsomal stability
plasma stability
PXR and AhR nuclear receptor activation
S9 stability
time dependent inhibition (IC50 shift)
time dependent inhibition (kinact/KI )
time dependent inhibition (single point)
UGT1A1 inhibition
monoamine oxidase inhibition
monoamine oxidase reaction phenotyping
In vitro permeability
in vitro transporter assays
transporter knockout assays
Caco-2 permeability
MDCK (wild type) permeability
MDR1-MDCK permeability
P - glycoprotein inhibition
BCRP inhibition assay
physicochemical properties
chemical stability
log D
pKa and log P determination
thermodynamic solubility
turbidimetric solubility
advanced bioanalytical method development
protein binding
blood to plasma ratio
brain tissue binding
plasma protein binding
whole blood binding
prodrug services

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