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Advanced Bioanalytical Method Development Service

Cyprotex offer advanced bioanalytical method development under our portfolio of services. Our state of the art instrumentation, in combination with our experienced bioanalytical scientists, provides a superior, high quality service.

What can Cyprotex offer?

  • State of the art highly sensitive instrumentation (Applied Biosystems Sciex QTRAP® 5500, Waters Xevo® TQ-MS and Waters Xevo® G2-S QTof LC-MS/MS systems).
  • Highly trained and experienced bioanalytical scientists.
  • Networked data management system and data archive / back-up facilities.
  • Close customer consultation and interaction.

Service Offering

  • Advanced bioanalytical method development based on FDA guidance on bioanalytical method validation.
  • Bioanalytical method transfer
  • Small molecules and peptide bioanalysis (other types of molecules supported on request).
  advanced bioanalytical method development
‘Validation involves documenting, through the use of specific laboratory investigations, that the performance characteristics of the method are suitable and reliable for the intended analytical applications.’
Draft FDA Guidance for Industry – Bioanalytical Method Validation (Sept 2013)
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advanced bioanalytical method development

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