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A Bipartisan Bill to Phase Out Animal Testing in the US

A bill to ban animal testing in cosmetics has reached the United States House of Representatives. The proposed bill, called the Humane Cosmetics Act, is a bipartisan measure to eliminate animal testing on cosmetic products. There is significant support for this bill within the cosmetics industry itself with over 140 companies and a reported 73% of the American public backing the proposal.

Should the bill become law, animal testing for cosmetics must be suspended or otherwise replaced with non-animal methods within one year, and the sale of products tested on animals will be phased out over three years from the date the law is enacted.

If the proposed bill (H.R. 2858) passes, the US will join the countries such as South Korea, China, Vietnam, Brazil, New Zealand, India, Israel and Norway whom have either banned or  are working to reduce the amount of animal testing involved in cosmetics manufacturing. European Union member countries began phasing out such tests in 2003, and in 2013 banned outright the testing of new cosmetics on animals, in addition to forbidding the sale or marketing of cosmetic products containing animal-tested ingredients. This has led to validation of a number of non-animal alternatives such as in vitro skin irritation, skin corrosion, skin sensitisation, ocular irritation, ocular corrosion, skin absorption and phototoxicity tests.

While the date of vote to transform this bill into law is unknown, we as a company are hopeful that it will pass and the United States will begin to phase out animal testing in the cosmetics industry.