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Challenges in integrating different programming languages and modelling software tools

There are a vast number of different modelling software tools available. Often these tools are built without a standardised language or formulation method. This variation makes it more challenging to incorporate the software into existing workflows, and manual translation can be time consuming and error-prone.

These issues are now being addressed within the DDMoRe consortium. DDMoRe, an acronym for Drug Disease Model Resources, is funded by the European Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). The project, which is close to completion, has built a universally applicable model-based framework for integrating existing tools such as MatLab, SBML, SIMCYP Simulator, R, WinBUGS, NONMEM, and others. The platform is built on the Pharmacometrics Markup Language (PharmML) which is designed to facilitate the translation and execution of user-specific models into target languages and tools.

Cyprotex have been heavily involved in DDMoRe. As well as leading one of the main work packages of the project, Cyprotex have played an important role in writing the code for several key elements of the new framework. A poster on the application of PharmML with the WinBUGS package was recently presented at the 25th PAGE (Population Approach Group in Europe) meeting in Lisboa, Portugal. The poster, jointly presented by the University of Pavia, Cyprotex and Mango Solutions, describes the development and integration of WinBugs in the DDMoRe platform.

Download the poster.