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Cyprotex Receive “Best Published Paper” Award from Society of Toxicology

In advance of the 2016 Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting and ToxExpo (SOT) in New Orleans, Cyprotex have been awarded the Best Published Paper distinction by the Medical Device and Combination Product Specialty Section (MDCPSS). The paper, published in conjunction with colleagues from Medtronic, focuses on the development of an assay to address the unmet need of in vitro skin sensitisation testing for medical devices. This is the third Best Publication award to be presented to Cyprotex (formerly CeeTox) since 2011.

Evaluation of an In Vitro Human Dermal Sensitization Test for Use with Medical Device Extracts discusses the utility of SenCeeTox®, a proprietary in vitro assay developed by Cyprotex, to predict key endpoints of skin sensitisation without the use of animal tests. This model uses in vitro 3D skin tissues (EpiDerm™) and in silico algorithms with the specific goal of identifying and quantifying skin sensitisation potency by assessing multiple endpoints associated with different stages of the skin sensitisation adverse outcome pathway. In this published study, 80% of the samples tested were correctly identified as negative (non-sensitiser or weak sensitiser) or positive (moderate/strong/extreme sensitiser) and 40% of the potencies were correctly evaluated. These results indicate that this model, with further development and validation, may provide a viable, wholly in vitro alternative to the currently required in vivo methods, such as the guinea pig maximisation test.

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