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Cyprotex’s New Beating Blog

Many companies and people announce their new blog or social media account with the phrase “It’s alive!”

This is quite apt at the moment as Cyprotex are presenting their exciting new research on beating cardiac 3D microtissues at the SOT conference in San Diego. These tiny microtissues are formed in the well of a plate from different types of cardiac cells. In the video you can actually see these microtissues beating like a human heart. These structures are helping us predict the effects of drugs on cardiac function and to identify potential drug induced toxicity.

To learn more about our new 3D microtissue research, please download the slides presented at SOT which are now available on our website on

This is just one of the new areas of research being pioneered by Cyprotex. Using our expertise in ADME, toxicity and biosciences, our goal is to improve the current methods for predicting human clinical effects using in vitro and in silico approaches.

We’ve started this blog to open another channel for discussion and are working to expand our presence on social media. We want to make our innovations and ourselves more available to our clients and the non-clinical research community at large.

Our scientists will use this space to discuss ideas and advancements, comment on industry developments, share company news and announce new services in an effort to inform and educate.

Please connect with us on Twitter (@cyprotexplc), Linkedin ( or Facebook ( and tell us how we’re doing, ask a question or just say ‘Hi’. We want to hear from you and are excited about the possibilities brought about by these new avenues of communication.