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Launch of the Alliance for Human Relevant Science – New Publication

A new paper in ATLA has been published which provides further insight into the Alliance of Human Relevant Science – a collaboration founded to drive R&D, policymaking, awareness, outreach and education into human-based methods for safety testing. The publication authored by Rebecca Ram from the Safer Medicines Trust explains the purpose behind the Alliance, why it is necessary, the current members of the consortium and their role, and the ultimate goals of the Alliance.

The industry is in agreement that animal-based methods are not always predictive of human safety. This can lead to late stage failures during clinical trials or even market withdrawals. To address this lack of concordance, there has been an industry push for the development of human-based methods which are more relevant, can provide an enhanced prediction of human safety, and an improved understanding of specific mechanisms of toxicity. The Alliance is committed to the continued research into human-based technologies as well as promoting the benefits of their use in the industry. It aims to change current mind-sets and practices by engaging in dialogue and building relationships with pharmaceutical, environmental and chemical companies, communicating with funding agencies to provide additional support for human relevant research, providing training and education to researchers, and organising events and networking opportunities to discuss and promote the science.

Cyprotex are one of the founding members of the Alliance. Our research into human-based in vitro and in silico methods for predicting human safety is highly relevant to the interests of the Alliance. We lead the way in new technologies such as 3D cell-based assays and have specialist expertise in techniques such as microelectrode array and high content screening.

The publication in ATLA is open access and is available for download.

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