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Our FREE New Version of the ADME Guide is Launched

Cyprotex introduced its first ADME guide back in 2006, and many thousands of copies have been circulated to our fellow scientists in the industry. In the subsequent 9 years, it is amazing how much has changed. Although many of the testing methods remain similar, there have been significant advances in the field of drug transporters and this area continues to grow as our knowledge increases on which transporters are clinically relevant. Physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling techniques are now routinely utilised for integrating in vitro and physicochemical data with the human physiology to predict pharmacokinetic processes and anticipate how drugs may interact. In fact, both these advances have been incorporated into new regulatory guidelines for drug-drug interaction testing which were released by the EMA and the US FDA in 2012, and the Japanese MHLW in 2014.

The new ADME guide is a complete rewrite and very little of the original version remains. It covers in detail areas such as drug metabolism, permeability and drug transporters, drug-drug interactions, protein binding and physicochemical drivers including solubility, lipophilicity and pKa. The ADME guide provides a valuable resource for all levels of scientist in an easy to follow format. The guide complements our existing ‘Mechanisms of Drug-Induced Toxicology’ and ‘DDI Guide’, all of which are available to order on our website

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