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Cyprotex Highlights - August 2016


At the end of August / start of September, Cyprotex will be presenting novel research in predictive modelling and 3D cellular models at the EFMC-ISMC conference in Manchester, UK and Eurotox in Seville, Spain. Request a copy of our posters below to keep up to date with our research in these fields.

We have already had a fantastic response to our ‘In vitro strategies for regulatory genotoxicity testing’ webinar – we even had to increase our attendee limit for the event. The event is being held on the 8th September. Details on registration are below.

Webinar on 'In vitro Strategies for Regulatory Genotoxicity Testing' - 8th Sept 2016 (3pm BST; 4pm CEST; 10am EDT)

Cyprotex offer in vitro OECD genotoxicity testing under GLP for regulatory submissions for pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and personal care industries. In September we will be holding a webinar titled ‘In vitro strategies for regulatory genotoxicity testing’.


OECD and GLP Genotoxicity
New video presentation on 3D cellular models for assessing hypertrophy and structural cardiotoxicity

Senior Research Scientist, Dr Stephanie Ravenscroft presents an overview of the mechanisms behind structural cardiotoxicity and hypertrophy, and how 3D cellular models in combination with confocal high content screening can be used to accurately predict this liability.

Watch the Presentation
3D hypertrophy cardiotoxicity model
EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemisty

Cyprotex will be attending the International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in Manchester from the 28 Aug - 1st Sept 2016. We will be presenting the following posters:

Virtual pharmacokinetic prediction for compound selection in early drug discovery.’  


The roles of distribution and pharmacokinetics in determining drug tolerability: a virtual approach using QSPR and PBPK modelling.’

Meet us at EFMC

From 4th-7th September 2016, Cyprotex will be showcasing novel research in hepatotoxicity and neurotoxicity using 3D cellular models, high content analysis and predicted tissue concentrations. Dr Paul Walker, Head of Toxicology at our UK facility will be presenting the following posters:

‘Predicting neurotoxicity of the brain by normalising 3D multiplexed high content screening (HCS) data to brain tissue specific exposure levels.’

‘Predicting drug-induced liver injury by normalising liver microtissue high content screening data to in vivo tissue concentrations.’

Follow us on social media to find out when the posters are available for download.

New In vitro Toxicology Research at Eurotox
New OECD Testing and Assessment Guidance

In August, the OECD issued a new testing and assessment guideline titled ‘Considerations for Waiving or Bridging of Mammalian Acute Toxicity Tests’ for potential adverse effects on human health by the skin, eye, oral or inhalation routes. It is a major step in the reduction of animal testing and provides guidance on how to replace the US EPA ‘six pack’ testing using a number of non-animal methods such as in vitro, in silico, physicochemical and read-across assessment.

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