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Cyprotex Highlights - May 2016


Back in July 2015, Cyprotex launched its unique chemPK™ workflow solution for predicting pharmacokinetics directly from chemical structure. This month we released version 2 of chemPK™ with improved functionality such as simulation of repeat dosing regimens and both human PO and IV dosage routes.

In May, we have also been busy presenting our research in publications, at conferences and in video presentations. These include our new review on 3D microtissues published in the Spring Edition of Drug Discovery World, our poster on skin metabolism presented at Great Lakes DMDG and our new video presentation on mitochondrial toxicity.

Continue reading to find out more about these developments.

chemPK version 2 released

On 17th May, we launched version 2 of our chemPK™ workflow solution, which predicts pharmacokinetics from structure. This unique solution uses a PBPK model optimised directly from human clinical PK data. It now has the capability to predict both human PO and IV doses and also repeat dosage regimens.

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In silico ADME prediction
3D microtissue review published in Drug Discovery World

Cyprotex are specialists in 3D cell culture. In the 2016 Spring Edition of Drug Discovery World, Stephanie Ravenscroft PhD and colleagues at Cyprotex authored a review of 3D microtissues. The article covers an overview of the different approaches, relevant models used for the prediction of organ-specific toxicity and how co-culture models can be used to improve relevance to in vivo.

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3D microtissue assays
New video presentation on in vitro methods for assessing mitochondrial toxicity

Senior Research Scientist Julie Eakins, an expert in mitochondrial biology provides an overview of the complex role of mitochondria in cell biology and energy production, the different methods for measuring mitochondrial dysfunction in vitro and a comparison of the performance of these assays both individually and as a combined approach.

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Mitochondrial toxicity and mito-stress
New skin metabolism research presented at Great Lakes DMDG
Cyprotex recently attended the Great Lakes DMDG conference in Illinois. At the conference, we presented a poster on our research in the field of skin metabolism.

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skin metabolism assay
In vitro skin irritation - working to replace the Draize Test
Cyprotex in Kalamazoo, along with 30 other labs, have been participating in a large scale validation study of the skin irritation test for assessing medical devices.

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in vitro skin irritation assessment
New skin sensitization research presented at the Pan-American Conference on Alternative Methods

At the Pan-American Conference on Alternative Methods, Cyprotex US Scientist Don Keller presented a poster on using the EpiDerm™ reconstructed human skin model for detecting gene controlled skin sensitization response.

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In vitro medical device testing
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