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Cyprotex Highlights - November 2017


You know the saying 'you wait ages for a bus, and then 2 arrive at once'. Well the same analogy can be applied to the DDI regulatory guidance. Not only did the FDA released a new draft in October, the Japanese PMDA also updated their guidance a few weeks earlier. Many of the updates are consistent between the regulatory authorities but there are some subtle differences. To capture the differences we have updated our popular  'Everything you need to know about ADME' guide. Our 'DDI regulatory guidance - An easy to follow guide' has also been revised to reflect the FDA updates. These guides are now available to download online.

To complement the recent DDI updates, Evotec's Dr Beth Williamson and Dr Rob Riley have authored a publication in Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism and Toxicology.  The publication compares and contrasts different static models for predicting hepatic transporter DDI, and provides recommendations as to their application. 

This month, Cyprotex also attended the IVTS meeting in London. Head of Toxicology at our UK facility, Dr Paul Walker, had a speaking slot at the event and presented on 'The development and characterisation of 3D neuronal microtissues for safety testing'. Find out more below and download the slides.

You may also be interested in a number of Evotec webinars held recently.
- Neuroprotective Treatment Strategies in Multiple Sclerosis 
- Therapeutic Strategies for Harnessing the Immune System against Cancer
- Pluripotent Stem Cells for Drug Discovery and Toxicity Assessment
Learn more below. 

Updated ADME and DDI guides now available

Our popular 'Everything you need to know about ADME' and 'DDI regulatory guidance - an easy to follow guide' have now been updated to reflect the recently released draft regulatory guidance from the FDA and Japanese PMDA.

You can download the new Cyprotex guides below:

Download ADME guide

Download DDI guide

New publication on hepatic transporter DDI prediction

Dr Beth Williamson and Dr Rob Riley from our parent company, Evotec, have authored a paper on the use of static models on the prediction of hepatic transporter DDI. The article, which was published in Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism and Toxicology, compares and contrasts the different models and provides recommendations for their application.

Learn more

Learn more
Latest research on characterisation of 3D neuronal microtissues

Download our recent research presented at IVTS on the 'The development and characterisation of 3D neuronal microtissues for safety testing'.

View slides

Download slides
Recent Evotec webinars

Experts from Institute of Neuroimmunology & Multiple Sclerosis (INIMS) and Evotec recently presented a webinar on Neuroprotective treatment strategies in multiple sclerosis. The webinar discussed TRPM4 ion channels’ potential relation with MS and provided an overview of how we screened a library of 250k small drug-like molecules using cells expressing human TRPM4 channels with membrane potential dye readout. Register to access the recording.

Access the recorded webinar

Evotec will be hosting a webinar on Therapeutic strategies for harnessing the immune system against cancer on 30th November to present Evotec’s capabilities in the field of Immuno-Oncology. The webinar will be co-presented by experts from Evotec and Mologen and will provide an overview of Evotec’s internal assets and results from a fruitful collaboration to generate IO data on the modulation of the tumour micro-environment.

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Experts from Evotec & Newcells Biotech Ltd are co-presenting a webinar on December 5th focused on Pluripotent stem cells for drug discovery and toxicity assessment. Insights into disease modelling based on in vitro differentiated, patient-specific iPSC-derived cells as well as toxicity testing and the potential for regenerative medicine will be presented. 

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