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Serono to utilise Cloe Screen™ and Cloe PK™

Serono integrates Cloe Screen™ and Cloe PK™ into its drug discovery strategy

Cyprotex (LSE: CRX) today announces it has entered into a year-long agreement to provide drug discovery support using its experimental service, Cloe Screen™ and its computational prediction technology, Cloe PK™ Europe's leading biotechnology company, Serono.

From its Cloe Screen™ suite of assays, Cyprotex will generate detailed profiles of Serono's discovery compounds to include their absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) properties. Serono will use Cyprotex's Cloe PK™ software to integrate and interpret the data - by predicting how these properties combine to affect the exposure level of compounds in the blood and major organs in the body over time. This will be performed in line with drug discovery processes to provide Serono's chemists with the information they require to improve compounds early in discovery.

Serono chose Cyprotex's Cloe tools for its core drug discovery strategy after a series of evaluations of its experimental and predictive capabilities. In these evaluations, Cyprotex successfully demonstrated that it could consistently deliver high quality in vitro data within rapid turnaround times and use the data to accurately predict the outcome of administering the compounds in vivo.

Serge Halazy, Head of Serono Pharmaceutical Research Institute (SPRI), said "Cyprotex's approach provides us with a cost effective and rapid way to understand our compounds' pharmacokinetic profiles that will provide a "knowledge-based " and efficient basis for selecting and optimizing our best leads and candidates."

Commenting on the agreement, Robert Morrisson Atwater, CEO of Cyprotex plc, said: "It is gratifying to see our technologies being an integral part of a leading drug discovery strategy."

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