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Ocular Irritation Test

Cyprotex's ocular irritation test service is performed using MatTek’s in vitro 3D human tissue model (EpiOcular™). Cyprotex are a MatTek-approved laboratory for performing these studies.

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  • EpiOcular™ is a cornea-like 3D tissue structure that is an in vitro alternative to the Draize Rabbit Eye Test1. The model also allows sub-Draize quantifiable discrimination among mild, milder, and mildest product formulations2.
  • EpiOcular™ is mitotically and metabolically active and releases many of the pro-inflammatory agents (cytokines) known to be important in ocular irritation and inflammation3.
  • EpiOcular™ supports topical testing of undiluted and water-insoluble materials.
  • Cyprotex's ocular irritation test is based upon assessment of the cytotoxicity following exposure to a test agent at three time points. Cytotoxicity is expressed as a decrease in mitochondrial conversion of MTT to formazan.

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‘A significant advantage of the EpiOcular model is that it can be used to discriminate between the irritation potential of extremely mild products (most cosmetic and personal care products are formulated for inherent mildness).’
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