Award Winning Research – SOT’s RASS Best Published Paper for Advancing the Science of Risk Assessment Award

The Risk Assessment Specialty Section (RASS) is a forum within the Society of Toxicology, and is dedicated to the discussion and advancement of the science of risk assessment, and Cyprotex is delighted to have been awarded the RASS 2020 Best Published Paper for Advancing the Science of Risk Assessment Award for our collaborative work with Unilever.

The winning paper is entitled ‘Identifying and Characterizing Stress Pathways of Concern for Consumer Safety in Next-Generation Risk Assessment’.

Consumer safety is required for any food or cosmetic product. Next generation risk assessment (NGRA) is an exposure led, hypothesis driven approach which integrates in vitro, in silico and in chemico activities for chemical safety assessment. Developing suitable high-throughput assays for different toxicity outcomes continues to be a challenge within NGRA.

The paper describes the development of a high-throughput cell stress panel, composed of 36 biomarkers representing mitochondrial toxicity, cellular health and cell stress pathways, measured principally using high content imaging. This panel can be combined with other methodologies to identify potential chemical liabilities when performing non-animal safety testing.

A major advantage demonstrated in this work is the use of a novel modelling approach, which probabilistically quantifies the uncertainties associated with the data analysis; a key principle of NGRA. Using this approach, compounds were ranked into ‘low’ and ‘high’ risk chemical exposure categories.

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