Cyprotex Expands High Throughput Physicochemical Screening Facility at Alderley Park

Cyprotex is growing!

All areas of the Cyprotex business are expanding but our high throughput Physicochemical Screening (Phys-chem) group is experiencing the highest level of growth. This is fuelled by a shift in the Pharmaceutical Industry towards external outsourcing, especially to reliable partners such as Cyprotex, who can provide high quality data coupled with a fast turnaround.

Physical Chemistry expert, Mark Wenlock PhD, joined Cyprotex in 2017, and leads the Phys-chem team with respect to our high throughput screening, assay development and new research. Mark spent >16 years at AstraZeneca prior to his arrival at Cyprotex. Since joining, Mark has grown the team by >90% and customer studies have increased almost 5 fold. Much of the growth has been driven by routine large scale screening projects for strategic clients.

This success has led to a need for additional space, and the group will move into a new dedicated facility within Alderley Park in the UK. The state of the art office and laboratory space is expected to be operational in Q4 2021. 

Alderley Park provides an ideal base for the Cyprotex operation. It is a vibrant, collaborative scientific hub with excellent facilities which attracts high calibre scientists to the business adding to Cyprotex’s success. Further expansion of the Cyprotex facility at Alderley Park is planned for 2022 and beyond.

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