Drug Metabolism Discussion Group (DMDG) ‘Fundamentals of DMPK’ Training Course

On the 24-26th November 2015, the DMDG will hold their ‘Fundamentals of DMPK’ training course in Loughborough, UK. The training course covers presentations on molecular and physicochemical properties, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, quantitative analytical techniques, development ADME, modelling and simulation and an introduction to biologics.

A number of staff from Cyprotex’s UK site will be attending the event. In addition, Dr Tim Potter, Principal Scientist at Cyprotex, will be lecturing on ‘Introduction to Physicochemical Techniques’ and ‘Quantitative Analytical Techniques: Chromatography’. The ‘Introduction to Physicochemical Techniques’ lecture provides an introduction to the key physicochemical parameters and discusses how these molecular properties relate to ADME properties. The ‘Quantitative Analytical Techniques’ lecture focuses on chromatographic methods and covers some of the basic techniques applied to improve chromatographic resolution.

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