Growth at Cyprotex Leads to Recruitment Drive

Cyprotex is expanding rapidly. Our facilities in Alderley Park in the UK and Watertown, near Boston in the USA are now supporting both client-led and internal projects including those from our parent company Evotec AG.  Growth in demand for our high-throughput ADME services coupled with the increased availability of laboratory space has meant that we have been able to install five additional new LC-MS/MS systems as well as several new robotic platforms for liquid handling and tube sorting.  This new state-of-the art equipment enables us to continue to deliver the key benefits of automation, reproducibility and speed, to our customers.  Additionally we have seen continued demand for our specialist services such as those in the areas of in vitro toxicology, for example, studies utilising 3D microtissues and microelectrode array, and drug-drug interaction transporter studies performed in our dedicated radioisotope laboratory.

We have also added new colleagues to our Marketing, HR, Information Systems, IT and Scientific teams both at Alderley Park and our Watertown site.  Like the rest of Evotec AG, we are building a continuous improvement culture which has provoked a great deal of interest and enthusiasm amongst staff at all levels and will enable us to grow in a sustainable and efficient manner in the future bringing benefits to our employees and customers.  We already have several staff in training to gain their Lean Sigma Green Belt with a wide range of additional smaller projects underway. In a new move for Cyprotex, we will be recruiting an intake of Industrial Placement Students for the 2018/2019 academic year and we are excited to see the impact of the students on our working practices and are looking forward to supporting them in the early stages of their career.

To meet the increased demand in services, we are currently recruiting heavily and have a range of open positions available.

Visit the careers section on our website to find out more.

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