Improving Efficiency at Cyprotex through Lean Sigma

Our parent company, Evotec, are firm believers in the benefits of continuous improvement (CI) and since 2013, they have supported the training and development of more than 200 colleagues through dedicated courses on Lean Six Sigma.  The acquisition by Evotec has brought a more structured and thorough approach to these CI projects at Cyprotex, helping to further embed an improvement culture within our organisation.  Consistent with the Evotec model, Cyprotex has invested has in training of a cohort of Lean Sigma Green Belts from across the UK-based teams in ADME, Toxicology, Operations and Information Systems.

Laura Hinton, Director of Scientific Operations UK at Cyprotex, said this week, “I’m delighted to announce that the first two of our cohort have been awarded their Lean Sigma Green Belts: Paul Walker, Head of Toxicology, and Radha Ramachandran, Software Engineer.  The projects that they have delivered will bring significant savings in time and consumables, freeing up valuable resource that will now be deployed elsewhere such as R&D projects.  We have also seen advances in communication and visibility of workflows that make our working life more straightforward and reduced timelines for some services, which will benefit our customers.  Congratulations to Paul and Radha and their teams for their achievements!”

Steve East, VP Innovation Efficiency at Evotec has recently delivered a series of Lean Awareness workshops ensuring that as many people as possible at Cyprotex are exposed to the culture and principles of Lean working. Steve adds, “The opportunities to improve our ways of working and make our processes more efficient is everywhere. Through team working and structured problem solving, we will find creative solutions to everyday problems. All that is required is for us to challenge what we are doing and why are we doing it that way. It’s fantastic to see colleagues at Cyprotex leading improvement projects and delivering change for the better. Well done to the teams that Paul and Radha have been leading.”

In 2019 we will be investing in further training and ensuring that our Lean Network deliver more projects with benefit to our business, employees and customers.

If you like the sound of our CI culture and are interested in joining our team, please visit for details of our current vacancies.

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