Intercontinental Collaboration: EU-ToxRisk and Tox21 Join Forces

At a workshop held in mid-September 2016, 28 representatives from both EU-ToxRisk and the US Tox21 initiative met and mutually agreed to cooperate on toxicological risk assessment of chemicals.

Under the agreement, both sides will work to share data and develop common methodology for read across and high throughput transcriptomics for safety assessment. Other areas of cooperation include utilising newly developed in vitro and in silico models, creating synergies across overlapping chemical subsets, and developing joint case studies. The ultimate goal of the workshop was to strengthen communication, harmonise knowledge and procedures and establish mechanism-based safety strategies that reduce animal testing.

Tox21, or Toxicology in the 21st Century, consists of members from the US EPA, NIH, NIEHS and the FDA working towards improved detection of deleterious effects that compounds or chemicals have on the human body. Since its inception in 2008, Tox21 has used high throughput screening (HTS) to validate in vitro cell-based assays and predict toxicological effects.

EU-ToxRisk began in January 2016, and over its six-year life span will work to develop mechanism-based test methods as alternatives to animal testing while meeting regulatory and industry requirements for chemical safety testing. Cyprotex is one of the partners involved in the EU-ToxRisk consortium and has an active role in the generation of in vitro ADME and mechanistic toxicity data for the project.

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