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Acquisition of Cyprotex PLC

In December 2016, Cyprotex was acquired by Evotec (

The acquisition is beneficial for both parties, and the individual capabilities and expertise of the two companies are highly synergistic.

Cyprotex’s customers will now be able to access Evotec’s integrated and standalone drug discovery services and the acquisition expands Cyprotex’s service portfolio to include medicinal chemistry, structural biology and in vitro and in vivo pharmacology services. Evotec can also offer specialist expertise in key therapeutic areas such as neuroscience, pain, metabolic diseases, oncology, respiratory and inflammation.

Evotec’s customers will benefit from Cyprotex’s world leading in vitro and in silico ADME-Tox expertise and will gain access to an extensive portfolio of services and proprietary techniques.

Apart from the obvious advantages to our customers from the combined expertise and expanded capabilities, very little will change in terms of our processes and customer interactions. We are fully committed to maintaining and building on our relationship with our customers and will continue to deliver a high quality reliable service.

If you have any questions or concerns then we will be happy to address them. Please contact us on

Apredica - Becoming Cyprotex US

Cyprotex PLC acquired Apredica LLC in August 2010 as a way to further develop our toxicology offerings and expand our international reach to more readily provide the industry-leading in vitro ADME and in silico prediction services on which we built our reputation.

We are investing heavily in our US site and will be replicating our hugely successful high throughput ADME facility which we originally developed at our Macclesfield site. As the service portfolios between the sites become more aligned, we feel that it is the right time to unify the brands under the Cyprotex name.

What does this mean?

From a practical standpoint, very little is changing. Outwardly, the most noticeable impact will be that the Apredica website will no longer be accessible and all information on the company is available on the Cyprotex website There will be no service disruptions or slowdowns. If you have worked with Apredica previously, you will continue to experience the high quality service you are accustomed to. Quotes, proposals and invoices may look a little different, but the process you are familiar with will go unchanged.

We are very excited about Cyprotex’s plans for expansion and growth, and increasing Cyprotex brand recognition globally is one part of this growth strategy.

If you have any questions or concerns then we will be happy to address them. Please contact us on

Acquisition of CeeTox Business and Assets

In January 2014, Cyprotex acquired the business and assets of CeeTox, Inc. Based in Kalamazoo, MI, the CeeTox business was a contract research organisation which focused on providing the Personal Care, Chemical, Cosmetics and Biotechnology industries with in vitro toxicity screening services, including skin and ocular testing as well as endocrine disruption testing services. After the acquisition by Cyprotex, through its US subsidiary, Cyprotex US LLC, the staff and laboratories of CeeTox operate as a Cyprotex facility continuing to provide industry-leading toxicity services, many of which can be performed under GLP conditions and in compliance with OECD guidelines.

Acquisition of Apredica, LLC and Cellumen Assets, including CellCiphr®

In August 2010 Cyprotex’s US subsidiary, Cyprotex US, LLC, acquired Apredica, LLC based in Watertown MA and the assets of Cellumen, including Cellumen’ s proprietary CellCiphr® technology. Cellumen were pioneers in high content screening and developed a highly sophisticated and predictive platform for identifying potential toxicity of drugs. Cyprotex have continued to develop the CellCiphr® technology, enhancing the predictive capability, and creating one of the most accurate assays for predicting hepatotoxicity on the market today.

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