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Cyprotex Adds New Service to Support Early Drug Discovery

Cyprotex today announces the launch of a new service to help drug discovery groups to assess new oral drug candidates. The service, known as Cloe Screen PAMPA (Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeation Assay) complements Cyprotex's existing portfolio of compound screens for evaluating the permeability of drug discovery compounds.

Cloe Screen PAMPA provides a useful way to prioritise compounds based on their potential to cross the gut wall and it is based on assessing very simple permeability properties. It enables drug researchers to see how their compounds behave in the different pH environments that exist throughout the entire gastro-intestinal tract. This gives them a good idea of how much of their compounds might reach their target organs in order to be effective therapies.

The Cyprotex PAMPA assay was designed in collaboration with a partner company and is widely used by the Pharmaceutical Industry. Unusually, Cloe Screen PAMPA uses mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) as an end-point to ensure greater data accuracy and sensitivity than traditionally employed absorbance measurements. This analysis method is considered gold-standard in the industry, and Cyprotex's automated infrastructure and high throughput mass spectrometry methods have enabled it to be deployed on this new assay.

Commenting on the launch of this new service, Dr. Darwin Cheney, Cyprotex's Chief Scientific Officer, said: "The Cloe Screen PAMPA offers our partners a high quality, fast turnaround assay that displays notable reproducibility. In addition, we have demonstrated that our assay shows several fold improvement in sensitivity over currently available PAMPA assays."

The Cloe Screen range of in vitro assays are recognised across the drug discovery industry as providing high quality, highly reproducible data with an impressive turnaround times to fit with early make-test cycles in drug discovery. The services offered by Cyprotex are invaluable in enabling partner companies to make informed decisions when selecting potential drug candidates.

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