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Cyprotex Discovery author three peer-reviewed publications on in silico prediction

Cyprotex Discovery is delighted to announce the acceptance and publication of three papers on pharmacokinetic prediction, all in peer-reviewed scientific journals. These include:

Thomas S (2009) Physiologically-based Simulation Modelling for the Reduction of Animal Use in the Discovery of Novel Pharmaceuticals.ATLA 37; 497-511.
This article discusses the use of physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling as an alternative to in vivo PK studies in animals and how continued developments in this technique to incorporate therapeutic effects and toxicity has the realistic potential to encourage a dramatic reduction in the number of animal studies long term.

Metcalfe PD & Thomas S (2010) Challenges in the Prediction and Modelling of Oral Absorption and Bioavailability. Current Opinion in Drug Discovery and Development 13(1); 104-110
This review article describes the in silico modelling approaches for the prediction of oral absorption and bioavailability by considering the individual processes of dissolution, uptake and metabolism of a compound following oral dosing.   

Dimelow RJ, Metcalfe PD & Thomas S (2010) Predicting the kinetics of drugs in the brain. Chemistry Today 28(3); 32-34.
This article reviews the use of physiology modelling in predicting brain distribution and how this can be applied to the prediction of brain pharmacodynamics.

Cyprotex Discovery offer a range of different predictive solutions including whole body pharmacokinetics prediction (Cloe® PK) and human intestinal absorption prediction (Cloe® HIA). New developments include our brain PK/PD model which predicts the kinetics of compounds in the brain, including concentrations in the inter-neuronal space and within neurons and also binding to receptors in the neuronal plasma membranes.

 Dr Anthony Baxter, Cyprotex's Chief Executive Officer, comments. "The drive for greater efficiency within the Pharmaceutical Industry is an ongoing challenge. For this reason, in silico techniques have grown in popularity and predictive methods are becoming increasingly important in drug discovery. Cyprotex offer a unique service where rapid high quality screening is coupled with novel predictive models to provide a greater understanding of the relationship between in vitro data and clinical data.’

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