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Cyprotex Highlights - March 2021


At SOT, our in-house specialist Chris Strock PhD discussed our exciting new developments in the field of transcriptomics: "It's All in the Genes! Using Transcriptomics Combined with Cellular Imaging to Derisk DILI".

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Presenting at SOT

Complementary to our standard cytochrome P450 induction assay, we are introducing our new service offering, relative induction score (RIS). This method provides an improved understanding of DDI risk.

Read more about the service along with our comprehensive Q&A:

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RIS Analysis

Starting April 14, our colleagues at Evotec are hosting a weekly series of three webinars presented by our in-house scientific experts.

Learn about Evotec’s differentiated approach to drug discovery and development and how this leads to selection of the highest quality molecules and improved success rates during preclinical and clinical development.

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The Science Pool is our brand new website hosting all of the latest scientific research, news and insights from Evotec, Cyprotex, and Just – Evotec Biologics.

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Read the latest news from parent company, Evotec:

  • Evotec SE announce results for fiscal year 2020: Gaining speed on the "Data-driven R&D Autobahn to Cures"
  • Evotec enters strategic RNA targeting drug discovery and development alliance with Takeda
  • Evotec selected as winner of 2021 CMO Leadership Award
  • Evotec invest in Argobio SAS, a newly-created start-up aiming to create at least five therapeutic biotech spinouts over the next five years
  • Evotec enter into strategic collaboration with Chinook Therapeutics to discover and develop novel precision medicines for chronic kidney diseases

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