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Cyprotex Improves Predictive Technology for Pharmacokinetics

Major Upgrade to Cloe® PK Pharmacokinetic Model

Cyprotex PLC (AIM:CRX), the preclinical ADME-Tox services company, today announces major enhancements to Cloe® PK, Cyprotex’s pharmacokinetic prediction software.

Cloe®   PK™ enables scientists in the drug discovery and agrochemical industries to use ADME and physicochemical data to predict human and rodent pharmacokinetics (process by which a drug is absorbed, distributed, metabolised, and eliminated by the body). These predictions allow prospective compounds to be ranked and prioritised for success potential prior to or even without the need for expensive and time-consuming in vivo studies. Cloe® PK has already been shown to predict aspects of human pharmacokinetics better than extrapolation from animal in vivo studies.

Twenty-seven key parameters are used to measure Cloe® PK’s performance. The enhancements to Cloe® PK have improved accuracy on 16 of these 27 parameters. These parameters summarise the model’s capability to predict aspects of human and rodent pharmacokinetics, including clearance, distribution, half-life, and oral absorption.

Several of the enhancements were facilitated through collaboration with one of Cyprotex’s major clients who provided Cyprotex with a large in vivo dataset for building and testing the improvements to the model.

Cloe® PK is available either as a site license, or on an as-needed basis via Cyprotex’s online portal, Cloe® Gateway (

Cyprotex’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Katya Tsaioun, comments: Cyprotex is the only ADME Tox contract research organisation with in-house expertise in both in vitro and in silico ADME and has a unique capacity to help clients understand the relationship between in vitro data, in silico predictions, and in vivo performance*. Cyprotex continues to refine the Cloe® PK software and this latest enhancement increases the model’s reliability and usability. Cloe® PK speeds up the process of selecting compound candidates to create a drug and it reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming animal pharmacokinetic studies.”

* in vitro - in tube; in silico - computer generated; and in vivo – in animal

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