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Cyprotex launches Cloe PK™, "virtual human" software to support drug discovery

Cyprotex plc today unveils Cloe PK™, a novel and proprietary software system that accurately predicts, via its "virtual human" model, the pharmacokinetics (PK) of potential drug compounds. Using a unique combination of laboratory tests and sophisticated computer methods, Cloe PK™ is attracting worldwide interest with several large pharmaceutical companies, who are currently trialling the software with a view to using it as a decision-making tool to support their drug discovery programmes.

Currently less than 2% of drug discovery projects succeed. Cloe PK™ aims to help increase these success rates by enabling pharmaceutical companies to discover problematic compounds earlier in the process allowing the company to focus on the most promising compounds without significant time loss or cost.

Drug discovery is a time-consuming and expensive practice that requires the use of laboratory animals to test whether a compound lingers in the body long enough to be an effective drug. Cyprotex's Cloe PK™ model can be applied at the earliest stages in the drug discovery process, effectively cutting down the numbers of laboratory animals needed and shortening the drug discovery process. For the first time, Cloe PK™ offers pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies the ability to screen hundreds of compounds within minutes and provides a way to foresee problems associated with administering the compound.

Cloe PK™'s software effectively provides a virtual model of the human body and delivers an accurate estimation of the likely amounts and distribution over time of compound present in the blood and major organs after it has been given in pill or injection form. This is critical information for evaluating whether a pharmaceutical compound would stay in the patient's body long enough to be an effective drug. Cloe PK™ is a powerful virtual tool that has been designed with a simple user interface so that it can be readily used by a broad range of drug discovery researchers, including chemists and scientists concerned with improving their nascent pharmaceutical compounds.

Cloe PK™ is part of a suite of technologies that Cyprotex has created to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors to enable better ranking, selection and optimisation of new compounds in drug discovery. The addition of Cloe PK™ predictive software to its existing automated screening adds another level of service and hence an additional income stream to the Company's business model. "Cloe" stands for "Cyprotex Lead Optimisation Engine", reflecting the how the Company's family of services combine to provide operational efficiencies to its clients engaged in drug discovery.

David Leahy, Chief Scientific Officer at Cyprotex, said: "Drug discovery researchers are faced with the task of having to improve the success rates of their projects, yet they often have to base their decision-making on incomplete and confusing information. We are offering an easy to use interpretative tool in Cloe PK™ that quickly identifies potential failures and at the same time indicates the priorities in valuable drug discovery resources."

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