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Cyprotex Launches Cloe® Predict HIA via its Web Portal, Cloe® Gateway.

Cyprotex today (14th July 2009) launches Cloe® Predict HIA for the prediction of human intestinal absorption. This product has been recently enhanced and offers new and exciting functionality as well as improved predictive capability. It can now be accessed through our web portal, Cloe® Gateway ( which was launched in May this year.

Cloe® Predict HIA is based on a physiological model and predicts human intestinal absorption at multiple dose levels using Caco-2 permeability and simple physiochemical properties. It can predict the rate, extent and sites of absorption and indicate the region(s) of the gastrointestinal tract where solubility may limit the absorption. We have introduced advanced functionality in this version of the software which assists medicinal chemists in improving their chemistry. This functionality includes (a) identifying whether poor absorption is a consequence of low solubility or poor permeability, and (b) using sensitivity analysis to identify if changes to the inputs, representing a modified chemistry, will affect the absorption.

Commenting on the launch, Dr Anthony D Baxter, Cyprotex's Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Following the successful launch of Cloe® PK on our web portal, I am delighted to announce the introduction of Cloe® Predict HIA as our second product available on Cloe® Gateway. Cloe® Predict HIA is not just a product for predicting absorption. It includes much wider functionality and is a valuable tool for medicinal chemists in directing chemistry. It will enable scientists to gain a greater understanding of their data by identifying the effect of dose on absorption and the anticipated site of absorption. Introducing these products online via a cost effective ‘pay per use’ model will allow a larger number of customers to gain access and benefit from the software.”

Cyprotex are committed to expanding Cloe® Gateway with the intention of providing an information portal for customers who share an interest in ADME and pharmacokinetics. Cloe® PK and Cloe® Predict HIA can be accessed through Cloe® Gateway via

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