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Cyprotex Launches its New Website

Cyprotex today launches its new website,

Cyprotex realise the importance of maintaining an easy-to-use and informative site which keeps our customers and investors up-to-date with current developments. As well as our product catalogue, our educational guide titled ‘Everything you Need to Know about ADME but were too Afraid to Ask’ is also available from our website. Both provide useful resources for learning more about ADME and pharmacokinetics and how data are used in a drug discovery and development setting. Our news and events section assists in familiarising our customers or investors with any new developments at Cyprotex. A separate IR section within the website is dedicated to providing critical information to our investors.

One exciting addition to the website will be the launch of Cloe® Gateway our new web portal which allows access to online drug discovery services. This will be available very shortly and will open up a number of interactive tools online.

Commenting on the launch of the website, Dr Anthony D Baxter, Cyprotex's Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Our website is an important source of information for our customers. We are looking forward to expanding our range of web-based resources and this will include the introduction of Cloe® Gateway our exciting new web portal which allows access to online services. The requirement for web-based services is growing. Cyprotex very much see this as the future of drug discovery service provision and are well placed to meet this need.’

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