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Cyprotex Launches New Cloe® Select Cytochrome P450 Ki Service to Determine the Likelihood of Clinical Drug-Drug Interactions

Today, (30th September 2009), Cyprotex announces that it has launched a new Cloe® Select service to evaluate cytochrome P450 Ki determination. This new offering extends Cyprotex’s range of services in the important area of drug-drug interactions.

The inhibition of human cytochrome P450 enzymes is one of the most common mechanisms that can lead to drug-drug interactions. This, typically, occurs as a consequence of co-administration of drugs which can result in one or both inhibiting the other’s metabolism. This may affect plasma levels in vivo and potentially lead to adverse drug reactions or toxicity.

The draft FDA regulatory guidelines on drug interactions released in 2006 recommend the use of Ki in predicting the likelihood of clinical drug-drug interactions by cytochrome P450. A classification system based on inhibitor concentration and Ki provides an indication on whether a follow-up in vivo evaluation is necessary. All Cloe® drug-drug interaction services are designed to adhere to the recommendations included in the FDA regulatory guidelines.

Dr. Anthony Baxter, Cyprotex’s Chief Executive Officer, comments on the launch of this new service. “Assessing the potential for drug-drug interactions is a critical part of the drug discovery and development process. Cyprotex offer a comprehensive range of in vitro services which address this area and assist our customers in making important strategic decisions on compound progression.”

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