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Cyprotex Launches New Screening Service

Cyprotex Launches Mechanism-Based Inhibition of Cytochrome P450 Screening Service 

Today, (05 July), Cyprotex announces the launch of its new screening service, designed to help drug discovery teams identify compounds which are mechanism-based inhibitors of Cytochrome P450 (CYP450).

The inhibition of human CYP450s is one of the most common mechanisms which can lead to drug-drug interactions. Metabolic drug-drug interactions, following the co-administration of drugs, can result in either reduced efficacy or increased toxicity. Screening for mechanism-based inhibition of CYP450 earlier in the drug discovery process enables researchers to determine and advance only the compounds which avoid such liabilities, thereby reducing the possibility of costly late-stage failures.

Cyprotex’s Cloe® Screen mechanism-based inhibition assay identifies compounds which are inhibitors of the CYP3A4 isoform, one of the most abundant human CYP450s. By using mass spectrometry as an end-point coupled with Cyprotex’s state-of-the-art automation capabilities, the Cloe® Screen mechanism-based inhibition assay is a high quality and cost-effective method which offers rapid turnaround.

The Cloe® Screen mechanism based inhibition assay is a valuable tool in determining
drug-drug interactions and complements Cyprotex’s Cloe® Screen cytochrome P450 inhibition range of assays. Further mechanism-based inhibition assays, using other industry recommended probe substrates, are currently in development at Cyprotex.

Dr. Darwin Cheney, Cyprotex’s Chief Scientific Officer, comments on the launch of this new service. “It is well recognised within the pharmaceutical industry that being able to identify safe, efficacious compounds with favourable pharmacokinetic properties, early in the drug discovery process, saves valuable time and money. The high quality data and rapid turnaround time provided by the Cloe® Screen mechanism based inhibition assay, allows researchers to screen early in the drug discovery process, thereby decreasing the likelihood of progressing compounds which have the potential to cause drug-drug interactions.”

The Cloe® Screen range of in vitro assays is recognised throughout the drug discovery industry as providing high quality, reproducible data with an impressive turnaround time which is ideally placed to suit early make-test cycles in drug discovery. The services offered by Cyprotex are invaluable in enabling partner companies to make informed decisions when selecting potential drug candidates.

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