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Cyprotex purchase Thermo ArrayScan VTI high content screening instrument for new toxicology service

Cyprotex are proud to announce the introduction in their laboratories of a Thermo Scientific Cellomics ArrayScan® VTI HCS Reader for high content screening applications. This instrument provides the latest technology in automated fluorescent imaging and cellular analysis.

High content screening will form the basis of our new early in vitro toxicology offering which will be launched later in the year. The technology allows the measurement of multi-parametric indicators of cell toxicity and therefore different markers of toxicity can be investigated within the same sample and cell population which is a very valuable tool in drug discovery. As well as general markers of cell death, specific mechanisms of toxicity such as phospholipidosis and apoptosis can also be evaluated. The technique has been validated and is now routinely used within the Pharmaceutical Industry. High content screening provides a vast range of applications not just focused in the field of toxicology, allowing additional services to be incorporated in the future as Cyprotex grows into new areas.

Dr Anthony Baxter, Cyprotex's Chief Executive Officer, comments on the purchase of the new Thermo Scientific Cellomics ArrayScan® VTI HCS Reader.

"Toxicity remains a key reason for drug attrition. The realisation of the financial burden associated with late stage failure has led to an increased focus in early stage toxicity screening within the industry. The introduction of the ArrayScan® is part of Cyprotex's growth into early in vitro toxicology. Our laboratory expansion is now close to completion with an additional 90 square metres included to accommodate our new toxicology facility. Linking our expertise in ADME and PK with in vitro toxicology data will be a key advantage in working with Cyprotex. This combined approach, along with our predictive modelling expertise, will allow us to advise our customers and enable them to better understand their data and its implications in vivo."

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