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Cyprotex reports successful customer validation studies for Cloe™ Technology

Cyprotex (LSE: CRX) today announces results of successful trials of its Cloe PK™ software applied to over 150 potential drugs provided by seven pharmaceutical companies. The trials showed that Cloe PK™ can estimate how long a drug stays in the body and is sufficiently accurate to be used in the rapid selection of promising compounds and the early elimination of those likely to fail.

In parallel, blind trials of the Cloe Screen™ experimental testing technology on several hundred compounds provided by six laboratories from major pharmaceutical companies, all demonstrated a high degree of accuracy.

The Cloe™ technology can be used to predict what would happen in humans as well as in rats, one of the main species used in pharmaceutical research, and the cumulated data showed that the Cloe™ technology allowed the estimation of human outcomes more accurately than experiments carried out in live rats. These results demonstrate that customers can confidently use the Cloe™ technology to reduce the number of animals they use in drug discovery research, while improving the chance that their drug would work in humans.

The detailed results of the trials were described to leading industry and academic practitioners in the field of computer-based prediction for drug discovery, who recently visited Cyprotex's laboratories in Macclesfield. The event was a satellite meeting of the UK QSAR (see below) Discussion Group meeting, a twice-yearly event which allows industry and academic scientists to exchange information on progress in the development of computer-based predictive approaches, which was also hosted by Cyprotex.

Dr David Leahy, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of Cyprotex plc, said: "I am proud of the way that our skilled team of scientists and engineers have delivered, in less than 18 months, uniquely accurate and cost-effective technology for the estimation of pharmacokinetics.

"We now have the evidence that demonstrates to potential partners that the Cloe™ technology can improve productivity in drug discovery. We are able to offer to our partners similar information to that obtained in a Phase One clinical trial on every compound they synthesise, at a fraction of the cost, within days rather than years."

The acronym QSAR stands for Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships and refers to mathematical or statistical relationships between the chemical structure of a drug and its properties.

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