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Cyprotex Webinar on Sensitivity Analysis in Pharmacokinetic Prediction.

Cyprotex will be holding its second webinar – on in silico pharmacokinetic prediction – on Thursday 3rd December 2009.

Dr Simon Thomas, the Head of Scientific Computing at Cyprotex, will be presenting at the event. Simon has a wealth of experience in PBPK and QSAR modelling techniques. He joined Cyprotex 10 years ago and has been responsible for the development of Cloe® PK and other associated predictive products from their inception. His presentation is entitled: ‘Sensitivity analysis - a valuable tool for understanding the relationships between in vitro ADME/physicochemical data and in vivo pharmacokinetics.’

Sensitivity analysis is a new functionality within Cloe® PK which allows users to investigate the impact of altering the values of one or more in vitro input properties on the predicted pharmacokinetic parameters. This feature is particularly valuable to medicinal chemists who are interested in evaluating the effects of modified chemistry and the consequence of changes to the in vitro input properties.

The webinar will offer attendees the opportunity to learn more about the value of sensitivity analysis in pharmacokinetic prediction. Following the presentation, there will be a demonstration of sensitivity analysis on Cloe® PK and how this is accessed via Cloe® Gateway.

Commenting on the event, Dr Anthony D Baxter, Cyprotex's Chief Executive Officer, said: ‘Our last webinar on pharmacokinetic prediction, held in July 2009, was extremely well attended, highlighting the growing interest in this area. Allowing scientists to interact with the Cloe® PK using sensitivity analysis will highlight which ADME and phys-chem properties are the most critical in influencing PK for a particular chemistry.’

After the event, access to a recording of the broadcast and a full list of the Q&A can be requested from

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