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Drug metabolite identification and synthesis service

Unique collaboration between Onyx Scientific, Cyprotex and Glytech.

Onyx Scientific Ltd, Cyprotex Discovery Ltd and Glytech, a University of York Centre for Novel Agricultural Products' spin-out, have formed a unique 3-way collaboration to offer drug metabolite identification and synthesis services to the pharmaceutical industry.

All 3 organisations contribute separate skills needed in performing this service. Onyx provides synthetic and analytical chemistry services; Cyprotex contributes in vitro screening services, metabolite profiling and identification expertise; Glytech supplies proprietary enzyme screening and bioprocessing skills providing the capability to rapidly make novel metabolite structures.

No single entity in the world is capable of matching this novel approach.

Most drug substances are converted by the body into compounds that are more easily removed (excreted). By understanding what happens to a new drug, it's structure can be optimised for effect and ultimately further advances can be made in combating disease and alleviating suffering.

Key to early evaluation of new drug substances is an understanding of what is expected to happen to the molecule itself in vivo (in humans). Understanding which metabolites are likely to be formed is essential for interpreting pharmacological, pharmacokinetic and toxicology data. Furthermore, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Guidance for Industry on Safety Testing of Drug Metabolites (2008) recommends the identification of differences in drug metabolism between animals used in preclinical safety assessment with humans as early as possible in the drug development process.

The joint service is being managed and coordinated by Sunderland based Onyx Scientific Ltd.

"We hope this novel collaborative approach will bring in separate business for all 3 organisations and in doing so help streamline and shorten the drug development process and benefit all" said Dr Tony Flinn, Chief Executive Officer at Onyx Scientific Ltd.

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