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Launch of Cloe Screen

Cyprotex announces Cloe Screen™ - World's first large-scale screening facility for profiling all major pharmacokinetic properties of potential drugs

Cyprotex (LSE: CRX) today announces their successful completion of the development of a core set of high throughput assay platforms for assessing key properties that determine whether a compound will reside in the body long enough to be effective as a drug.

Cloe Screen™ is a new industrial scale system that can test as many as half a million potential drugs per year at a significant unit cost advantage to current methods employed within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and by outsourcing to other contract research organisations. The step change in efficiency achieved by Cyprotex means that for the first time, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can obtain this essential information, in a cost effective and timely manner, on every new chemical that they synthesise.

The new test system uses large, high capacity liquid-handling robots supported by a highly specialised software infrastructure put together by Cyprotex scientists to quantify important properties such as compound solubility, the degree of permeation through the gut wall, the speed of metabolism by the liver and the likelihood of complications that might arise from administration of the compound along with other drugs at the same time. All of these analyses are typically done by hand on small numbers of compounds, but through the use of robotics and supporting software, Cloe Screen� makes it possible to deliver high quality, reproducible results on hundreds of compounds at once in a fraction of the time.

Commenting on the launch of Cloe Screen™, Cyprotex CSO Dr David Leahy said: "One of the main barriers preventing drug companies from gaining much needed improvements in productivity is inefficiency in evaluating how potential new drugs will behave in the body. The launch of our Cloe Screen™ portfolio will enable drug discovery teams to obtain critical information on their compounds much earlier in the discovery process, so they can save time and money by focussing effort on the compounds that are most likely to succeed as drugs."

Cloe Screen™ is part Cyprotex's "Cloe" family of technologies that have been created for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors to enable better ranking, selection and optimisation of new compounds in drug discovery. It complements Cyprotex's pharmacokinetic predictions software, Cloe PK™ by providing essential compound information that is used by Cloe PK™ to predict the outcome of drug administrations. "Cloe" stands for "Cyprotex Lead Optimisation Engine", reflecting the how the Company's family of services combine to provide operational efficiencies to its clients engaged in drug discovery.

Cyprotex expects to generate revenue from Cloe Screen™ through a range of business models: fee-for-service, applying the capability to partnered projects in a strategic relationship around lead optimisation; or technology licensing whereby the entire assay, robotics, software and expertise is brought into a pharmaceutical partner's own facilities. Cloe Screen™ is currently in trials with potential Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology partners.

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