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Successful 4th European Drug Discovery Workshop held on 9th June 2010

Cyprotex’s 4th European Drug Discovery Workshop took place at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London on 9th June 2010. This was a hugely successful and well attended event which featured a number of outstanding speakers in the ADME/DMPK field.

The speakers and topics included:

Brian Houston (Director of the Centre for Applied Pharmacokinetic Research, University of Manchester). Transporters and cytochrome P450 interplay in defining hepatic drug clearance.

Edmund Hoppe (Laboratory Head eADME, Merck KGaA). Time-dependent inhibition of cytochrome P450.

Kevin Weigl (Senior Scientist, Abbott Products GmbH)
. Variations in permeability assays and their potential issues.

Melanie Z Sakatis (Principal Scientist, GSK)
. Reducing late stage attrition: Predicting hepatotoxicity in the clinic from early preclinical screening data.

Christa Kneip (Senior Scientist, Grünenthal). Insoluble substances in in vitro assays.

Constance Höfer (Founder and Chief Scientist, DMPKORE).
Special considerations of compound in vitro profiling during fast progression to clinical phases.

Simon Thomas (Head of Scientific Computing, Cyprotex Discovery). Physiologically based pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling for lead optimisation of CNS-Active therapeutics.

The workshop was attended by over 80 scientists from the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Dr Tony Baxter, Cyprotex CEO chaired the event. He commented:

‘Our drug discovery workshops continue to be extremely popular events where scientists from a range of disciplines meet to learn more about current approaches and key issues in ADMET and DMPK . The topics selected by the speakers were highly relevant to the audience and I would like to thank the speakers for their participation in this event. Our next workshop is planned for September on the East Coast of the US. On the day prior to the workshop, a ½ day ADME seminar will be hosted by Principal Scientists from Cyprotex. This is an ideal forum for scientists who would like to learn more about the different methodologies used in ADME and how the data are utilised in decision making in the drug discovery and development process.’

Please click here to view the European Workshop presentations.

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