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Thermodynamic Solubility Assessment Service Announced

Cyprotex Extends its Portfolio of Cloe® Screen Services to Include Thermodynamic Solubility Assessment

Today, (29th November), Cyprotex announces that it has extended its portfolio of Cloe® Screen services to include an assessment of thermodynamic solubility. This assay complements the extensive range of physicochemical and in vitro ADME services currently offered by Cyprotex.

The solubility of a drug is an essential determinant of the absorption of compounds from the gastrointestinal tract which can ultimately affect oral bioavailability. Compounds with poor solubility can pose a development challenge and result in prolonged development time frames and increased cost. By identifying solubility issues at an early stage, it is possible to tailor in vitro assays to eliminate erroneous or misleading data being generated. The thermodynamic method utilises HPLC-UV detection to analyse the sample which improves selectivity of the response and reduces the impact of potential artefacts. Due to the quality of the data generated, the assay is frequently used in an early development setting with crystalline material to confirm earlier kinetic solubility data and aid the selection of potential clinical candidates.

Cyprotex sees poor solubility as a major issue in the drug discovery process which can affect the development of a drug. Problems with poor solubility can greatly influence the cost of developing new therapies and it is essential that this issue is identified and addressed at an early stage.

Cyprotex is a specialist provider of ADME data and pharmacokinetic predictive services. The unique Cloe® Screen technology, which couples robust protocols with state-of-the-art automation, enables Cyprotex to offer an unrivalled combination of high quality, cost effective data with rapid turnaround. This assay, as with many of the services offered by Cyprotex, was established in response to customer demand. The introduction of this assay improves the selection and choice of services available to Cyprotex’ clients and further strengthens Cyprotex’ goal to be a “one stop shop” for in vitro ADME assays.

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